Innovation management

Ql.Write down the synopsis and what you might think as the main learning outcomes of the case? (CLO1)
Q2. How does Nypro’s Market for Innovation functions? (CLO2)
Q3. What is the process employed at Nypro to identify and standardize upon important innovations? How does Lankton manage this process? (CLO2)
Q4. Can you make any generalizations about what sorts of innovations are likely to thrive within Nypro’s “internal marketplace” for technologies? What sorts of innovations are likely to languish? (CLO4)
Q5. How should Lankton roll out the Novaplast technology? (L05) Extra analysis if you are feeling motivated. The following question to be answered in conjunction with the following article” Senge, Peter M., “The leader’s new work: building learning organizations,” Sloan Management Review, fall, 1990, pp. 7-23. Q6. Senge introduces the concept of manager’s “mental model”. How would you characterize Lankton’s mental model of his business and how does his model contrast with the mental models that other managers have demonstrated in the case we have studied?.