Innovation Research & Initial Design


SITP Inc. is a multinational consultancy firm intending develop a solution to respond to the Request for Proposal for the ConCasa Project.

You are employed by SITP Inc and have been identified as one of the team members for this project. Being a member of this project team is considered, by your colleagues, as a very prestigious appointment as it offers considerable potential for advancement within the organization globally.

Each member of your project team has been individually tasked with requirements gathering for the project. To ensure creativity and maximize proposal bid success, each person has been directed to work independently for this first phase (Part A). While it is understood there would be some discussion amongst the team regarding the case study, failure to work independently will not be regarded favourably and will be reflected in your individual mark for this component.

On completion of the requirements gathering your team will then work collaboratively to develop a conceptual design to address the project. (Part B)