Innovations and Constructivist Perspective

Your school system received a large grant and your middle school is one of the chosen grant recipients. The grant requires the school to restructure its educational program, use technology, and meet the needs of all students. Your middle school population is quite diverse. Most students with disabilities are in regular education classes; you have one self-contained class for students who have emotional disabilities. You know that it will be necessary to differentiate instruction. Your colleagues have discussed various philosophies of education, including behaviorist perspectives, cognitive perspectives, and constructivist perspectives. As a member of the planning team, discuss a rationale for using a constructivist perspective as you design your new curriculum. Will there be times when you might need to use other perspectives? In your post, include a reaction to the Meyer article. How does it relate to your position? In your posts, be sure to explain and defend your position. Next, you will explore the instructional technology that will be needed to be integrated throughout the curriculum. Identify a rationale for using and integrating technology. What are some of the tools that you believe should be included? (Be specific.) Are there times when computers should not be used? Can technology use have a negative impact on student growth? Why, or why not?