Inquiry Based Learning Lesson Plan


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Demonstrate how how you would implement INQUIRY-BASED LEARNING, in the classroom [any level – kindergarten, primary, secondary, higher education, corporate training; and any subject area].

Use the Inquiry Based Learning Cycle (see below) when designing your lesson.

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Write a Lesson Plan for one lesson, which may last 45 to 60 minutes. You may use the following template:

a) Topic
b) Learning Outcomes
c) Background of the students
d) Duration
e) Prior Knowledge of students
f) Procedure
a. Step 1 – Set induction – Opening of the lesson
b. Step 2
c. ……so forth
[Include the learning activities students will engage in, the types of questions you will ask, how the teaching-materials will be used and so forth]
g) Teaching materials and teaching aids that will be used in your lesson.
h) Evaluation – the instruments that will be used to evaluate performance
i) Closure