Insividual essay for business psychology

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Reflective Essay
Submit an individual reflective essay of between 500 and 800 words (excluding any bibliography)
The essay should include commentary on the following:
Understanding of working in groups and teams before you started the project.
What is learnt, including some reference to the understanding of group, team and individual behaviour from different perspectives.
How this might affect future behaviour and appraisal of the behaviour of others when working in groups or teams.
What is learnt from working with others, in particular cultural differences in approach and understanding (and the possible reasons for this).
Note: A reflective essay is written in a relatively informal, personal style (you can use the pronouns “I” and “we”).
The essay should include an introduction and a conclusion which may be a summary.
Where you make reference to other sources you should ensure that these are appropriately referenced. See the ‘tips’ paper on moodle.