Instructors Manuel on my Workplace Safety Unit and chosen technolgies (Google Forms, Smartboard, and YouTube videos)

Create an Instructors Manuel that contains all the information to successfully deliver the instruction. If your instructional unit is self-directed, some of the information required for the instructional plans should be embedded in the electronic technology product, and it will be similar to a user’s guide. To keep it simple, it will still be referred to as an instructor’s manual. The instructor’s manual should provide explicit instructions necessary to implement the technology product (e.g., how to install necessary programs, what equipment is needed for the instruction, necessary instructional materials that not provided in the product). All assessment activities with complete descriptions of how to use the assessments should be included as well. Part 1: The Instructor’s Manual A. Write an overview of your plan of instruction and technology product by doing the following: 1. Discuss each of the following elements of the plan and product: • instructional goal • intended audience • length • delivery approach • instructional sequence • materials needed 2. Describe each lesson or module in the plan of instruction. 3. Discuss how student performance is assessed. B. Describe how the instruction (e.g., planned pedagogies, strategies) is to be delivered so that its delivery could be re-created from your description. C. Provide a list of all instructional materials (e.g., handouts, books, assessments, manipulatives, videos) that are used in the lessons or modules. D. Provide a list of all physical resources needed in the instructional event (e.g., hardware, lab equipment, calculators). E. Provide all lesson plans, assessments, and handouts that could be reproduced by those who use your plan of instruction. F. Include design elements that contribute to the purpose of the plan of instruction.