Intellectual Property of The Australian Institute of Professional Education

Intellectual Property of The Australian Institute of Professional Education
Skills and Knowledge Assessment 1: Short Answer Questions

For the purpose of this assessment you will be required to provide clear, detailed, written answers to each of the questions outlined in this assessment task. Be sure to fulfill the word requirements for each question and to provide as much information as you can to show that you have a clear understanding of the concepts presented to you in this subject (do not worry if you go a little OVER the word limit!).


Objective To provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the
required skills, knowledge and critical aspects of assessment.

Activity Answer each of the following questions in as much detail as possible:

1. Identify at least 3 regulatory authorities relevant to the travel and tourism industry. Provide a brief description for each regulatory authority to demonstrate your understanding of them. (minimum 150 words)

(5 marks)

2. From the above question (1), create a table outlining how you would contact each authority. (100 words max) (2 marks)

Regulatory Authorities How to contact each authority





3. From the list below, choose ONE of the following to explain, in your own words (minimum 500 words) (3 marks)

? liquor licensing, especially as it relates to the responsible service of alcohol in Australia

? Queensland Tourism Services Act (2003)

? responsible conduct of gaming in Australia

? travel agents licensing in Australia

In your explanation make sure that you:

(a.) identify/explain what it is (b.) identify its purpose/aim (c.) identify it’s importance

4. What responsibilities does a manager have to ensure legal compliance with regulations? Identify and explain at least 3. (minimum 150 words) (3 marks)

5. Explain/outline how to develop and monitor a business compliance system. (minimum 200 words) (2 marks)