Intelligence Reform Position

Provide a 2-3 page argumentative research paper about Intelligence pitfalls and Intelligence reform citing sources of applicable support for your findings answering why or why not it is necessary. A successful paper will include a title page, introduction, body, conclusion and reference list. Within the introduction begin generally and conclude with a thesis statement that narrows a reader’s focus to the position you intend to discuss. In your thesis statement indicate your position on the issue (e.g. Was the intelligence reform necessary? or effective? or Meet the desired end states of a more secure nation?). Then, write the body of the paper that justifies your position using the points you outlined in the introduction. Provide enough information so a reader understands the issues, but do not provide pages of summary. Organize the paper to support your position, not present summarizations of history. Explain your position and provide evidence to support your position. Conclude the paper by briefly restating the problem and highlight your points as a summary.