Intermediate Spreadsheet

1. What is meant by a SpreadSheet ?
2. Explain some of the applications of spreadsheets.
• Payrolls management
• Preparation of bills
• Income statements
• Budget analysis
• Loan analysis
• Investment analysis
• Inventory control
• Production analysis etc.,
3. Briefly explain the features of spreadsheet.
• Use of formulas
• Use of functions
• Supports Goal Seek
• Provides a wide range of Graphs
4. Define the term Worksheet and WorkBook in MsExcel.
• Define the term Work Book
5. How to add Borders and Colors to cells?
• To add borders manually:
• To apply borders and colors using styles:
6. Explain the steps to change Column Width and Row Height?
7. What is meant by Merging Cells In excel?
8. Explain how to perform Mathematical Calculation in Excel?
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
9) What is Autosum in Excel?
10) What is meant by Database in Worksheet?