Internal promotion practices.

Chapter 9.

a. Develop an assessment and selection plan that does not exceed the remaining $4,000 budget

b. Justify your proposed selection system in your report

Note: you will not be completing c. and d. of this chapter

Chapter 10

a. Improve internal promotion practices.

b. Recommend ways to identify and develop sales associates who have the potential to

become department managers.

Chapter 11

11.Submit information along with the rationale for hiring your choices.
12.Explain what additional information you would like to have had before making a hiring

1.Write a job offer letter to the top candidate of your two selections.
2.Calculate the ROI or net return of your staffing investment for the two people you
selected. Interpret the ROI or net return.

Chapter 12

a Write a report recommending appropriate onboarding and socialization strategies,

and explain why you are making each recommendation.

b Develop a retention plan for the company’s top performers.

c. Identify a downsizing strategy to reduce the number of sales associates by 15 percent

Note: chapter 12a, instructs you to write a report. As for the length, as long as you can fully respond and support your suggestion it can be 3/4 page single spaced and no more than 1.5 pages single spaced.
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