Write a report style essay that critically evaluates the following four key areas covered in the module:
1. The international strategy adopted by the firm. If the strategy has changed across time or seems to be inconsistent, then briefly explain this.
2. The firm’s international operations and management structure. You should focus on at least one of the following depending on the data available to you: (a) the role of the HQ versus the subsidiary; (b) the ability of the firm to leverage learning across country borders; (c) the ability of the firm to implement a significant global change (this might, for example, be a new environmental strategy; a change in the way it structures R&D activity; or a change in its HR policy).
3. The firm’s strategic use of joint ventures, alliances, or mergers and acquisitions.  select one or more instances where you can evaluate and learn from failure or success in the actions taken. You should ask key questions about the goals, processes and appropriateness of the chosen instances for the firm.
4. The international dimensions of the firm’s social responsibility strategy of the firm. A range of questions may be addressed here depending on the data available and we suggest you focus on one of the following: (a) taking one CSR issue, address the extent to which the firm engages with multiple stakeholders in different countries and across the organization to develop and implement its strategy; (b) does the firms try to implement a ‘home country’ dominant policy or is it responsive to local perspectives?; (c) evaluate the role of the firm in contributing to a regional or international CSR alliance or NGO.