International Business Strategy

1.Discuss why, how, where and when Razer Inc. engaged in international business.
2.Discuss Razer’s growth strategy and its products and services and suggest an expansion location (a country that Razer has no exposure, minimal exposure or a country that Razer has presence in that should entail more resources) that would potentially lead to more growth. Compare location choices using frameworks stated below. Take Razer’s rivals into account (Logitech e.g.) Use data to validate Choice.
Integrate Macro, Meso and Micro environment levels when deciding on the location to expand into. (Use Pestel for macro environmental context, Porters 5 forces for Industry context, Resource based view, VRIO and value chain for firm specific context)
3. Using Blue Ocean strategy as an analytical tool and framework, discuss how Razer can create Blue Oceans with its core competencies within the industry with its products and services.