International Marketing Strategy Plan

International Marketing Strategy Plan

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Format: Structured Essay (e.g. an essay using structured sub-headings)
Topics covered by this assignment: Weeks 7 through 11 inclusive

Details of task:
This assignment requires you to choose a target market/s and to devise a positioning strategy via your use of product, price, place and promotional strategies for a specific wine produced by Australia’s First Families of Wine (for example, you might choose to focus on white wine, red wine, sparkling wine, non-alcoholic wine etc.) for the Brazilian market. As such, this assignment follows on from the first assignment and is designed to be equally practical so that you learn how to apply International Marketing theory to the real world.

In assignment one you undertook the groundwork for this assignment via a comprehensive environmental analysis of the Brazilian market. That analysis will now provide the platform for this assignment. In assignment two you will provide a detailed marketing plan using the following sub-headings:
1. Introduction (not included in your word limit, but no more than 100 words). Use it to briefly list the key environmental factors identified in assignment 1.
2. A brief description of your chosen target market (not included in your word limit, but no more than 100 words).
3. Positioning Strategy.
4. Product Strategy
5. Price Strategy
6. Place Strategy, including suggested Method of Market Entry
7. Promotion Strategy
8. Conclusion (not included in your word limit, but no more than 100 words).
9. Reference List

Other important details
• You will note that I have not provided suggestions on how many words to dedicate to the sub-sections relating to each of the marketing mix tools. This was done on purpose. The importance of each marketing tool (and therefore the amount of discussion given to it) will depend on your environmental analysis.
• A key quality of your assignment is that every aspect of your marketing mix must be justified using findings from your environmental analysis. For example, “it is suggested that the organisation use this form of market entry because according to Brazilian law …”.
• Other key marking criteria will include:
o Have you conducted an extensive research effort? Aim for at least 20 references in your reference list, every one of which must also appear in the body of your work. Such references can include reliable websites (e.g. United Nations, Central Intelligence Agency etc.).
o Theoretical understanding: have you defined key concepts before discussing them and used them in their proper context?
o Practical understanding: is your strategy realistic? In other words, would it work in the real world?
o Connections: has each element of your marketing strategy been based on a finding from your assignment #1 environmental analysis?
o Is your work free of spelling, grammar, punctuation and presentation errors?

Referencing requirements
Students are required to meet the Q Manual standards for all assignment submissions. This includes using the Q Manual in-text method for citation of sources, referencing and formatting essays and reports. The Q Manual can be accessed at: