International relation

Question1: Maclnder – Geographical Pivot in History (check the file) Maclnder talks about several factors that he uses to explain why Russia is thecenter of the world- I want the same factors identified in the article and tell me which country today is considered to be the center of the world and Why?
(You have to use Maclnder factors how he uses main factors to explain why Russia is the center of the world.) – opinion answer argument show with
Question2: Do you think the countries are the only important things matters in the international relation today- (Give opinion + elaborate your evidence
in the real world example+ say whether you agree or disagree)
Question3: Neo-Realism says anarchy produces three kind of distinct behavior from countries no matter where they from located in the world how
powerful or weak they are- What are three ways countries think because of anarchy? (Why + evidence from real world example for each of the behaviors)
Question4: Do you agree or disagrees with expert who say with the concept of complex of interdependence theory? (Tell me why yes or no and give me
examples to back up the argument)
Question 5: What is Balance of Power as a concept? Describe the important 2 factors of balance of power a country tries to build up its power to
balance a against a stronger country internal or external
Describe the 2 main principles + apply to modern case where 2 countries balanced against each other internal or external other balance of power situation in
the world today- (no Saudi arabia vs iran) The countries you should mention not in a friendly situation
Question 6: Alliance formation explain it and tell me give me example real world and apply 4 factors (Five Factors that determine Balancing or

Explain of Alliance formation + why do countries join? why they join alliance formation +what cause alliance formation threat?