International Tax Analysis Project – Taiwan


Please write about Taiwan’s tax system. Just finish the Section 1 and 2. No need for section 3 for now.
As discussed in class, this project requires you to compare the US tax environment to that of another country of your choosing. Your project results will consist of a an 8-page (double-spaced) written report and a 5-minute class presentation including PowerPoint slides. Wherever useful for perspective, required information should be presented on a comparative basis with the US. You must document the source of all information by using a numbered list of references, which will appear as end notes in your paper and your final presentation slide. APA style is appropriate for all cited material.
Overall and high-level guidance on the ITAP:

• MAKE SURE YOU DOCUMENT SOURCES, USING IN-TEXT PARENTHETICAL REFERENCES FOR SOURCES OF DATA AND ANALYSIS. Listing references at the end is NOT sufficient. You must associate particular items with particular sources.
• Don’t include items and amounts that you don’t understand or can’t explain.
• When referring to currency amounts, please put the USD equivalent in parentheses after the amount. Exception: You can leave Euros as is, as long as they are clearly identified as Euros.
• If you provided mostly bulleted points of information in your draft submissions, you MUST write-up your final memo in paragraphed prose!
• Your memo will include a lot of factual data. BUT, as you write up your final draft, please make sure that the data you have gathered is contributing to analytical and evaluative points you can make about your country’s tax system (its income distribution, its progressivity/regressivity, its efficiency, its levels of compliance/evasion, its comparison to the US, etc.) It’s YOUR JOB to tell a story about taxation in your country that turns the data into useful and interesting information!