International Trade Operations

International Trade Operations

Order Description
Following on from the BRICs, the large emerging markets that were identified as key for future business development, Morgan Stanley dubbed Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey and India ‘The Fragile Five’, potentially indicating that while they are emerging markets there is still a level of risk related to them..

As a newly appointed export operations manager of a medium sized company manufacturing specialist electronic equipment for business customers, you have been asked to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the operational aspects of dealing with emerging markets. The organisation is currently shipping to developed markets in Western Europe. The company currently uses open account payment terms for its European customers and transports its products using road freight transport.

The report will be in 2 parts:

a)Customs control, mode of transport and delivery terms

b)Mode of payment, payment terms and credit control

For the purpose of the assignment, you should choose either part A or part B as the focus of your report.

You should focus on ONE of the following markets:



South Africa



Please note that you should not choose your home market as a focus for your answer.

Report format, fully referenced in APA 6th format within text and reference list. You should include a title page. An executive summary is not required.

·Please note that you do NOT need to give detailed examples of the modes of transport and modes of payment within the text of the report, but you should be able to demonstrate your understanding of the selection criteria and application to the chosen market.

·Please use 1.5 line spacing
·You may include appendices with supplementary relevant material, but this should not contain copies of your research articles. Each appendix should be numbered and give a title and source.
·You should use examples or statistics where appropriate.
Marking Schedule

Option A Transport

Assessment of relevant environmental factors

Including customs control Issues 35%

Recommendations on mode of transport 35%

Recommendations on delivery terms 10%

Evidence of Research 10%

Structure, language, presentation 10%

Option B Payments

Assessment of payment environment 30%

Recommendations on mode of payment 30%

and payment terms

Recommendations on credit management 20%

Evidence of Research 10%

Structure, language, presentation 10%

Marking Criteria

Option A

Customs, Transport and Delivery Terms

·Understanding and application of theory

·Level of assessment of environmental factors

·Justification and appropriateness of recommendations

·Use of examples and statistics to support

Option B

Payment and credit

·Understanding and application of theory

·Level of assessment of payment modes and terms

·Justification and appropriateness of recommendations

·Use of examples and statistics to support


·Number of references

·Range and relevance references

·Correct referencing in text and reference list

Presentation etc.

·Overall presentation of report

·Report structure and layout

·Use of appropriate language and terminology

·Grammar and spelling

Learning Outcomes

2 Demonstrate knowledge of the operational aspects of the export and import transaction

3 Assess the impact of operational aspects of importing and exporting on international business

5 Use knowledge of the operational aspects of international trade to critically evaluate the options available to the exporters and importers

6. Locate and evaluate information on procedures and regulations relating to international trade