Internet Search + Video Reflection Summary

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Internet Search + Video Reflection Summary

1. Conduct an internet search of entrepreneur Elon Musk

2. Conduct an internet search of TESLA/TESLA MOTORS

3. View the video, recorded a few years ago at Stanford Graduate School of Business
areas-that-will-have-most-important-affect- future-humanity.html

4. Craft a summary/review of this video as you reflect on the following:
– What other companies (besides automotive) has Mr. Musk worked in/impacted?

– According to Mr. Musk, what are some of the “big problems”, or the 5 areas that will have the most important effect on humanity?

– In your opinion, what “drives” or motivates Mr. Musk to do the work he does?

– Do you see Mr. Musk’s innovations as disruptive, essential to humanity or both? What is he trying to “accelerate” which he feels is inevitable?

– What are some words you would use to describe both TESLA (the company) and Mr. Musks’ (the man) brand?

– What is your sense of Mr. Musk’s work and his business in general? by Stephen King

6 page argument proving why the book you read is a strong example of the thriller or horror genre, and what its central theme is. Use specific characters, dialogue, scenes, point of view, etc. to break down evidence from the book to support your interpretation of the theme of the book. The book must be at least a 90 page novel. How does this book stand out in the thriller and horror genre? at least TWO outside academic resources to support your argument. also consider using sources you find online as secondary sources.