INTERNSHIP – Economic Conference Services Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to

INTERNSHIP – Economic Conference Services Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to: • Assistance in translating official documents from English into Chinese • Terminological research • Alignment of Chinese and English text research • Assistance during conferences Your aim in the cover letter is to describe how your experience, qualifications and competencies match the job for which you are applying. Think of your cover letter as an opportunity to distinguish yourself from other job seekers by highlighting what makes you the best match for the position. Your cover letter should be brief, three to four paragraphs, and as targeted as possible to the position for which you are applying. Focus on the most relevant parts of your background that relate to the job opening.
PART 1 Extracurricular Activities
The Fifth CBN Shanghai Student Financial Management Competition Nov. 2012-Dec. 2012
1.Created a financial plan based on “investment in economic difficulties”
2.Won the “Outstanding Creativity Award” for designing an investment portfolio for a hypothetical family

My team needed to design a simulated investment portfolio, for a hypothetical family, which balanced the family’s immediate needs against their long-term interests. My first step was to develop a strategy with my four teammates. I, then, led my team in conducting field research into diverse financial products, including banking products and insurance bonds. We scoured websites, administered questionnaires, and investigated all options. In this manner, we were able to collect data from over 15 financial institutions. We conducted risk analyses and projected future cash flow by using statistical software. Our data-driven portfolio earned 10% ROI, beating 100 teams, and we won the Outstanding Creativity Award because we obtained a steady income stream by using a combination of investment in domestic and overseas real estate, and products from big-name insurance companies.

Student Public Speaking Association – Vice President Sept. 2012-Jun. 2013
In the university, I have been responsible for the work as the Vice President of the Student Public Speaking Association for two years. My main responsibilities and results are as follow.
1. Sponsored campus lectures and public speaking competitions on a myriad of current business topics
2. Coordinated the preparation work of the speech competitions with 4 departments (Strategy, Publicity, Operation and Technology)
3. Hosted a speech contest called “The Art of Business”, acting flexibly and creating a warm atmosphere
4. Increased the new member recruiting rate by 15% compared to year before (10 additional core members)
5. Helped to make our association one of the “5 star” associations in the university
6. Received the “First Class Social Work Award” for excellent performance given to students who work in student clubs (top 10% in the university)

AIESEC Leadership and Communication Camp–Volunteer Jul. 2013-Aug. 2013
1. Participated in short-term, high-intensity teamwork such as Amazing Race, Model United Nations. and Innovation Sale with 12 foreign volunteers from 7 countries
2. Acted as the coordinator in the discussion of designing a taxi app in Innovation Sale, received the best compliment among 10 teams

China Business News Finance Carnival –Volunteer Jun. 2014-Jul. 2014
I participated in the operation work for the China Business News Carnival for a month, having some experience in this field.
1. Signing in and consultation service: signed in guests and answered their questions
2. Exhibiting and tour service: coordinated with exhibitors as well as guests’ order
3. Conference reception service: responsible for guests’ seat arrangement and their entry order
4. Out-field guide service: responsible for managing the audience’s entrance

PART 2 Internship Experiences
Caltex Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd. – Accounting Assistant Nov. 2013-Jan. 2014

Description of duties
1. Coordinated with assistant accountant to print the VAT invoice
2. Checked receivable balances and focused on strategic OEM customers
3. Updated BOM material information and inventory status
4. Bank slips collection and distribution
5. Translated important documents and reports from English to Chinese
6. Other administrative works requested by the manager

Summarize your achievements
Through the practice, I have gradually known organization structure of Finance Department and accounting business handling process and had new experience every day. In the practice process, I have increased practical operation experience, and had deeper understanding of actual work during communication with the eldership and peers.
1. Support management of accounts receivable
(1) Create basic information of contents and know credit checking of customers’ accounts receivables.
(2) Collect cash for goods, E-bank payment for goods, bank acceptance and LC, and handle commercial bank receipt.
2. Responsible for management of accounts payable
(1) Maintain information of materials on BOM, know main materials and products produced and processed by the company and basically understand main business income and other business.
(2) Account purchase invoices according to outsourcing storage, and generate corresponding accounting vouchers, including provisionally estimated refund of outsourcing storage, cost adjustment for special tax amount and final fund difference adjustment etc.
(3) Complete confirmation of accounts with OEM strategic customers and dealers.
3. Translate the related documents from English into Chinese
In charge of translating about twenty documents and reports related to the industry, which include financial data and letter of credit. During the translation, I am familiar with the special indicators and technical terms, especially the proper use of various abbreviations. I also understand ways to express the indicators of financial data, and acquire knowledge about international trade related to the letter of certificate. Because of the majority, I acquired various knowledge about letter of certificate in particularly, including the translation method of clause, like the Parties concerning to the credit, Amount and Currency of Credit, Description of Goods, Clauses on Shipment, and Warranties of Issuing Bank.

China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.– Assistant to Financial Manager Mar. 2014-Jun 2014

Description of duties
1. Carried out bank consulting service, processed and assisted clients with financial transactions
2. Provided investment advice and recommended appropriate financial products tailored to the clients’ financial goals and assets
3. Managed customers’ basic information, led strategic efforts to successfully market credit cards to potential clients with good credit
4. Helped with other administrative tasks, including client management activities and seminars

Summarize your achievements
Although state-owned banks dominate financial markets in China, I found an internship with China Minsheng Bank, the first listed private bank in China. I saw real-world applications and learnt about the significance of analysis. My major achievements are as follow.
1. Basic consulting service
Master the methods to handle basic business, help customers fill in bills or answer customers’ common problems, offer a series of services such as taking the number, filling in bills, checking and guiding customers to the counter and pacifying customers’ emotion, and provide basic bank business consultation service for customers.
2. Provide financial product scheme
Rationally combine existing products according to customers actual needs, provide customized individual services. In service process, I could not wait for customers to propose demand to the bank, but should meet customers’ potential demand and make them know the convenience or income they have not realized through receiving new products and service schemes.
3. Analyze relevant data and develop potential customers
(1) Carry out market survey, including discerning consumers’ demand and new product survey, preparing relevant statements according to different database and business model, analyzing bank’s customer data, classifying and screening customers’ credit rating so as to support promotion plan of credit card business. I analysed the database to identify clients with perfect credit records but no credit cards. My director encouraged me to analyse potential customers, so I began learning advanced Excel functions, such as VLOOKUP, which I used to sort customers according to backgrounds and net-worth. This meant I was better informed when making face-to-face contact, and I was successful in getting about 10 extra customers every month.
(2) Assist the team in completing collection and analysis of data in the same industry and participate in writing survey report; responsible for daily operation of maintenance activities, following up activity effects and writing activity analysis report.

Shanghai Sinopec Mitsui Elastomers Co., Ltd. – Accounting Assistant May.2015-Present

Description of duties
1. Input AP journal entries in ERP system and prepared AP monthly report
2. Prepare staff expense reimbursement and suppliers payment
3. Managed monthly GL vouchers binding
4. Maintained tax deduction and source documents
5. Other financial data research work, including collection, integration and analysis

Summarize your achievements
While working as an accounting assistant at Shanghai Sinopec Mitsui Elastomers Co., Ltd, I worked with colleagues from production and marketing to reconcile data and reports between my company and our suppliers. I helped find an inventory mistake arising from an improper Excel function, and realized the need for Chinese companies to introduce unified inventory management systems. These experiences showed me that Chinese finance and accounting environment is in great need of improvement. For example, the internal control and accounting systems in related companies must be redesigned to better use predictions based on historical data and financial models. I plan to address these weaknesses in my future work.

Moreover, I basically knew and understood cost management methods, including allocating type-in of standard data, collecting input output, completion output and product inventory quantity, collect and allocate expenses according to certain methods so as to calculate the cost and generate vouchers.

In addition, I have enhanced the ability to communicate and cooperate with others, and cultivate favorable interpersonal relationship. As a newbie in workplace, I can correct my shortcomings, gain greater progress, and create good working atmosphere so as to improve working efficiency only through learning from senior employees modestly and listening to others’ advices and suggestions.