How do you define the American Dream?
Did you or your family change your name when you moved to the US?
How often do you go back to the country you or your family come from? How do you feel when you return?
What do you think of when you think of FREEDOM?
What do you like or not like about the US government?
1. Name the last five things you’ve eaten.
2. How would you define an “American meal”?
3. What do you consider “comfort food”?
4. What foods remind you of your childhood?
5. Do you feel comfortable eating other kinds of food (Chinese, Italian, etc.)?
6. What holidays do you celebrate?
7. How do you celebrate them?
8. What type of foods do you eat at these holidays?
9. Who do you celebrate your holidays with?
10. Which holiday is the most important for you and why?
11. How do you celebrate the 4th of July?
12. How do you dress up for special occasions (like weddings) or holidays?
13. How do you define your personal style?
14. What do you consider a romantic gesture?
15. How do you celebrate weddings?
16. What would be the ideal spouse for you or your child?
17. Do you feel comfortable being in a relationship or your child being in a relationship with someone from another ethnic group?
18. What is your view on going out at night?
19. What is your idea of fun?
20. How do you celebrate birthdays?
21. What kind of superstitions do you have?
22. How would you define success?
23. How do you feel about alcohol consumption?
24. What are your favorite sports?

Media (Internet Access; relationship to the telephone; film/movies; social media; newspapers/magazines/books; Radio; Television; Celebrities; email; letters Music;
1. How young were you when you got a TV?
2. What are your favorite TV programs?
3. How do you feel about TV now?
4. How many TVs do you have in your domicile?
5. How do you watch TV?