Project description
Assignment 1: Interview Interior Design Accounting Practices

Assignment Overview

In the field (Interior Design), you practice accounting to bill the client and to keep track of the number of hours that a project encompasses.

Assignment Description:

Interview a design firm to discover what accounting software is used, how projects are billed, and how designer time is recorded. Include the business card or contact information of the professional you interviewed and write a 1-page summary of the accounting program used and how projects are accounted for.

Assignment Step-by-Step Instructions

Interview a design firm concerning accounting practices, client billing, and designer record keeping

Write a 1-page summary of your findings. Include the business card of the professional interviewed.

Present all information in a professional format, which includes professional writing, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar, and submit as a single Adobe PDF file less than 2.5 MB. Include properly cited resources, such as the lecture, textbooks, and outside sources.