Interview Preparation

Part I Use the Internet to locate a job posting that supports your career path or professional interest.Create a one-page resume that highlights the knowledge, skills, and experience you possess that align to the job posting you located on the Internet.Include this resume as a separate document in your assignment submission. You may format it in any way that you think is most appropriate for the position and industry. Part II Write a paper of approximately 2 pages on how one could implement strategies that will assist in the achievement of professional goals such as changing careers or trying to get a promotion.Include the interviewing strategies that you would use and those you would avoid.Provide a list of best practices and tools for searching, preparing, and securing new employment as well as promotional opportunities.Format your paper using the West Writing Template found in the class Shared Files and using the guidelines provided in the West Writing Style Handbook.Include a minimum of two sources, which may consist of readings from the University Library, class content, or other selections.