Interview/ profile

(750-1000 words) This interview should be conducted with someone who has a particularly interesting area of their life to share. The subject of your interview may possess some special talent, or perhaps has an interesting background or area of expertise to explore. A key aspect of the interview will be to provide readers some insight into this person that people might not otherwise know or see initially.
This interview should develop in the context of a full “profile” that showcases not just what this person has to say, but where they live, work, or spend a lot of time.
If they are an expert in some area, or work in an interesting or unusual environment, a portion of your profile may describe a process or how your subject goes about his or her work.
You should add lots of description about their surroundings, mannerisms, habits, characteristics, attitudes, emotions—really any information that can fully bring this person across to your readers.
It’s important to closely read Chapter 3 of The St. Martin’s Guide in preparation for this essay.