Please write an essay for this topic:
What are the factors contribute to a happy life in late adulthood? Among the factors you discussed in your essay, which one (or which category) is most important?
Exam essay requirement:
• In complete sentences and coherent paragraphs
• 4 – 7 pages (include everything; 12 point Times New Roman font; double line spacing)
Turning in the exam essay:
• The exam essay is due on May 4 by 2:30 p.m. No late submission is accepted.
• The exam essay must be turned in through Canvas. Paper copies or assignment submitted through email will not be accepted.
• You must use the following pattern to name the your file: lastname_firstname_FE
Exam essay writing guideline (see P.2 for scoring rubric):
The goal of the exam essay is for you to demonstrate your knowledge and your thorough understanding about the topic. Do not only give an extended list of factors. You need to
(1) give detailed discussion and provide examples of how these factors shape individual development
(2) show the relationship/interplay between the factors
(3) compare and contrast different (types of) factors
We discussed some possible framework for structuring your essay in class, you may use one of the options to organize your essay.