Introduction to management and Leadership 4th Year

Introduction to management and Leadership 4th Year
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Write the essay on Irish Content. Psychiatric/Mental health Content in Ireland.
Choose a report from one of the following:
Health Information and Quality Authority: Inspection Reports.

Mental Health Commission, Inspections of Mental Health Services Reports.

After you have Identified an inspection report analyse it with a focus on management and Leadership issues in Nursing and their implications for practice. Include in your answer a critique on elements of the report that may impact on the scope of nursing practice. Identify any personal or professional development needs for future nursing practice from your analysis of the report and study of relevant literature.

(1) Choose a relevant report from Psychiatric/Mental Health area of practice.
(2) Identify particular areas of interest to nurses.
(3) Focus on those elements that concerns nurses rather than other health professionals.
(4) You can choose to divide your answer into sections such as Management and Leadership, Scope of Nursing, Personal and Professional Development.
(5) The assignment should NOT be a description of report it is CRITICAL discussion making reference to the report.
(6) Include reference to appropriate nursing literature.
(7) Include a COPY of relevant sections ONLY of your chosen report in your appendices.
PLEASE NOTE: Please write it on Irish Health content of either of the reports.
Also please include a copy of relevant sections ONLY of your chosen report in the appendices.
Please include references.