Investigating the difference between traditional real estate and the virtual reality technologies in real estate

Investigating the difference between traditional real estate and the virtual reality technologies in real estate

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The content of the proposal must cover the following points:

1) Introduction (motivation, task / problem formulation, procedure / solution approach)
2) Previous work (state of the art, comparable, alternative, underlying work of third parties)
3) Outline of work
4) Execution of the work (including schedule on a weekly basis)

I’m not very sure what the professor means by these last two points but I’m assuming that he means that I should also include a timetable type thing which shows how
will I pursue my thesis further…if u can figure out what these two points mean plz write that according to your understanding because once he approves this proposal
you have to write the thesis as well based on all this.


Please write 8 more pages to the proposal and also add those 2 pages which you wrote earlier as a draft of this proposal for order 81892916 so in total it should
become at least 10 pages. Do you understand??

Write the 8 pages based on the instructions below which my professor sent to me in his last email. He wrote:

For your research I would assume that you have three different settings:
1) traditional presentation using textual description, images from inside, floor plan, and satellite/map view
2) 360-Video walk through to be experienced a smartphone-based VR-Headset
3) a VR-model of the building allowing for interactive experience (walk-through) + interactive features (opening/closing doors/windows, etc.)
For your exposé please make clear, how you will prepare and conduct your experiment.
For more details on the content and structure of the exposé please look at our web page.

So based on all this please continue writing the proposal. If you have any questions please ask as my professor is very strict about the quality of research and no
plagiarism at all. I am uploading the proposal draft which you wrote earlier so write and add 8 more pages to this to complete the proposal as my professor wants 10
pages in total.

Add as many references as possible not just 1 as I can see the only option of 1 reference in the order form so kindly add many references and they should be good
quality not just random ones and properly written in APA style as my professor will check each and everything.

My whole future depends on this proposal so it is in your hands now so I’m totally counting on you. Thank you in advance for the hard work that you will put in. Please
message me that you understood all the instructions or not.