Investigating the role of MIF in mesenchymal stromal cell immunomodulation and cyto-protection



write about A) what is inflammation and tissue repair in general-

B) initial injury and what is the influence of the immune system on tissue injured area-

section 2: A) write about what is macrophage migration inhibitory factor(MIF)-

B) the role of MIF in the immune cells and regeneration of tissue injury.

C) the influence of MIF on human mesenchymal stromal cells repair of human airway epithelial cells and suppression of T cells proliferation-
section 3: A) write about what is the mesenchymal stromal


B) MSC cells immunomodulation and cyto-protection effects-

C) MSC cells secretion factors and tissue repair-

I need you to use my material that I will uploaded later as well as add 20 additional resoures

the resources must be recently published and from a good journal of immunology field and have a high citations-
Use Vancouver style reference-

Use diagrams when you talk about MIF , MSC cells-