investment and portfolio management

investment and portfolio management

Consider your self as industry analysis and Pick 3 stock for 3 different company in the Wall street journal
, and look to the stock “index”  for the last 12 month  and analyzed, and look the future for 12 months and what is the expectation according to your analyze for the stock
And analyze how the performance and the stock “index”
And what each company have done, and why the stock change
Use three rations and apply it in your study
And the investment in each stock
General set up
the references should be NEW …and 2 references for each company stock

Corporate shareholder annual and quarterly  reports must include
Balance sheet
Income statement
Statement of cash flows
Reports filed with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Formulated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB)
Provides some choices of accounting principles
Financial statements footnotes must disclose which accounting principles are used by the firm

Shows resources (assets) of the firm and how it has financed these resources
Indicates current and fixed assets available at a point in time
Financing is indicated by its mixture of current liabilities, long-term liabilities, and owners’ equity
Exhibit 10.1 shows the balance sheet for Walgreen Co. for 2006 through 2010

Cash flow from operations
Traditional cash flow equals net income plus depreciation expense and deferred taxes
Also adjust for changes in operating assets and liabilities that use or provide cash
Free cash flow recognizes that some investing and financing activities are critical to ongoing success of the firm and the following:
Capital expenditures
Disposition of properties and equipment

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