Investment plan

Th following post has three assignments namely;

1.Investment plan

You selected sheets that provided a profile on a representative client. Using either you or your partners representative clients complete the following information each section should be about two
paragraphs. Supporting detail can be provided as needed. 1) Describe client current situation (profile that you selected). 2) Define client risk tolerance (based on survey) 3) Describe current
economic environment citing at least 4 key economic indicators. 4) Identify and recommend asset allocation ranges and expected return assumptions for client. 5) Identify specific investments for
each asset class including mutual fnds, ETFs & individual securities as needed. You will be required to select at least one individual security. 6) Provide information on the individual stock you
selected and describe why you selected it including business, competitive position, financial position, valuation attractiveness, technical indicators that might indicate it is a good time to buy.
7) Select one corporate, municipal or treasury bond and describe why you selected it. Describe the business, YtM or YTC, Duration, What impact rising rates would have on the value of the bond. 8)
Identify how you could hedge your portfolio using options contracts. 9) Identify how you will evaluate performance.


Amp Mow hr a man technology team employed in the Holton slice and ontsearad the ncessinder of its technology, needs. Viktor has long ‘Avocet/2d the cabin con goings and better managemart if Orem
Move were to bier welt caned lolividuals from Hes Thirope at low wages. Privately. VAte realism that he would alto Re to make a difference in Russia by helping the uolcomployed and unemployed. The
board met and Weed that Greco Move should consider this as a long-tetra strategy and that Viktor should investigate a remote technology base in Rods Viktor spoke to his fricnds and bellevo that he
has found the pales location to least The govamtent. mood property is large, well lit and its tett loortion will attract many workers.
Viktor has travrkd to Russia to visit his family and to meet with the property manager. The two discuss the rich history in the arts sad Vitae is model the imps nos that the property is available.
it is not mid the end of the meeting that the menages informs VAC°, that there will be a competitive bid for the lease of the propoty. He instincts Viktor to send him his best offer by the cad of
the week and bands him two envelopes; one addressed to a government office labeled “propoty lease bid” and the second addressed to the property manager labeled •factilitatiou.” lie explains that
whatever he places in the second envelope will “keep the process moving” and the he would hate to see him miss out Viktor baits both envelopes.
Questions B . . Al Should Moeprovide a bid on the properly lease? ,Should he include both envelopes? Wiry or why not? What are the legal and ethical considerations? .2 Should Green More expand its
operations in Russia?

3.Engineering Ethics

The National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) is a professional society whose membership consists of those who have earned the Professional Engineer (P.E.) certification. As part of their
effort to encourage professionalism and ethical behavior among their membership, the NSPE organizes an annual Board of Ethical Review (BER), which reviews actual or theoretical ethics case studies
and issues an opinion about the behavior involved in the case.

Write a two-page paper (12 pt, single-spaced, 1 inch margins) that:
Briefly describes the case,
States and answers the major question(s), Describes the ethical questions and dilemmas that appear in the case, and
States your opinion (whether you agree with the given ruling and why).