Irish history

Summarize/Analyze 1
Write a paper of 3 pages on the following topic. Use footnotes if you quote directly or paraphrase closely from Foster. Information from class notes does not need to be footnoted.
Remember that it can be more difficult to write a short paper than a long one, so pay careful attention to structure as well as to the basics like spelling & grammar.
To earn a top grade, be sure to make direct connections (and cite them with footnotes) to the assigned text.
Book Texts: (R. F. Foster, Foster, 1600-1972, Penguin, 1988. ISBN 0-140012510-8. )

In section IV of Foster’s chapter, “Ireland Abroad,” the author notes that the themes of Irish immigration were basically the same, whether the destination in question was the United States, Britain, or Australia. What kind of identity (discussed mainly in that same section) did Irish immigrants forge in their new home?

Then, drawing on information given in sections II & III of the same chapter, discuss the Irish experience of immigration (for example, what challenges did they face, and how did they respond?) and describe the connection they retained to Ireland.