“Iron Jawed Angels Film”

Movie Review paper “Iron Jawed Angels Film”

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“Katja von Garnier’s “Iron Jawed Angels” tells the remarkable and little-known story of a group of passionate and dynamic young women, led by Alice Paul (Hilary Swank)
and her friend Lucy Burns (Frances O’Connor), who put their lives on the line to fight for American women’s right to vote.”
Result- On Aug. 26, 1920, the Susan B. Anthony Amendment becomes law, and 20 million American women win the right to vote.

Length: 1.5 pages (Papers outside this range will lose points); Times New Roman, 12 pts., 1.5 spacing
After viewing Iron Jawed Women, write a page and a half in which you describe how the movie affected you. What current issue/issues do feel would be worthy of protest?
Discuss your political issue in relationship to the film. Your paper must include a short description of the issue discussed in the film that related to your issue,
but do not spend time on the details, unless they are critical to the essence of the paper.
Very Important: Please note that this is a full-length paper. It must therefore have an introduction, coherently organized body of paragraphs (with appropriate
transitional words, phrases or sentences) and a conclusion. You do not need to include a reference page since I know the source of your information.