Is Art/Painting Subjective or Objective?


1000 + words; 1.5 spacing; Ariel or Calibri font size 12; separate title page including name, ID, title, and date; page numbers; in-text
citations and work cited in APA form; and 1” margins.


Is Art/Painting Subjective or Objective?
Your research paper should include an argumentative thesis that represents your claim about your topic. This argument should be supported by
evidence derived from both primary and secondary research. You should utilize at least five sources. The source can be online or print as an
appropriate to your topic, but be sure to consider the ethos and credibility of the sources related to your topic. Source materials should
be cited appropriately, using APA style for parenthetical documentation and your works cited. Note: Consult with me if you ‘d prefer to use
a documentation style more applicable to your intended major.


*i need attractive title and * first in the introduction we define art and the subjective and objective of it then in the body we have to
either compare between 2 artist and their s