Is health delivery over- regulated?

Starting from the assumption that regulation and accreditation are intended to assure quality and access and to help control costs, begin your post with one or two sentences about whether you think health care is over-regulated or under-regulated or take some in-between position. Then support your position with information from the Lesson One readings, a minimum of one outside peer-reviewed or professional sources, your experience, what you have learned this term, what you know about the ACA, what you’ve thought about while considering NHI politics, and your basic approach to government and voluntary regulation. The articles in your reading assignment outline a variety of ways health care is regulated and the problems of finding the right amount of regulation in the U.S. Implementation of the ACA has introduced volumes of new regulations. You may choose a general theme or focus on a specific type of regulation. If you are an avowed Democrat or Republican, you MUST support your economic/political positions with facts, not just a sort of knee-jerk expression of your politics. In other words, if you believe that government should be doing more or less regulation, support your position with specific examples of what good (or harm) might be precipitated by your position or the opposite. This is not an easy assignment! You must examine your usual stance, consider where we are in health care today, consider upcoming crises of reform, lack of reform, and think about the problem as a taxpayer of the United States, as a health care consumer (patient), and as a leader in the health industry.