Is that a positive or negative change?

In a stage of the demographic transition model . you think the country fits and why? 3. How have fertility rates changed in this country from 1950 to present? 4. What is the popula.n of this country/state and where . most people I.? 5. What challenges might this country/state face in the future?
part 2 fn Pointe) You have the option to do this by yourseff or with a class member (up to groups of 3).
For an International Organization of your choosing, prepare a short Microsoft Powerpoint or other software presentation (about 3 – 5 slides) to hightight key information about the International Organization.
Include the following information in your presentation:

  1. PURPOSE. What goals have been formulated when the organization was founded? ke these still actual or have they .en changed? 2. ORGANIZATION. How can the structure of the organization be described? For example: How is it financed? How are decisions being made? What status or effect . these decisions have? What influence do individual member sta. have? 3. SCOPE. What is the working area of . organization and what are it’s operating penciples? 5. NEWS. Anything interesting happening with this organiution recently?