Is Your Organization Structure Strategic?

Is Your Organization Structure Strategic?

The post comprises two asighnments

1:Is Your Organization Structure Strategic?

leadership and team development

There are four framework within leadership framework: human resource framework,
political framework, structural framework, and symbolic framework. Analyze your
current work envionment through the structural framework Describe the structue of
your organization. Based on your experience and knowledge, was the structue of your
organization a stratch one, or has your organization evolved as it has grown over
time? Do you think that your organization could benefit from reorganizing? What
recommendations would you make, and why?

2:Criminal Justice

1. Explain how the Sixth Amendment right to counsel applies in the identification context.

2. Explain how due process applies in the identification context.

3. Why are the Fourth and Fifth Amendments not applicable in the identification context?

4. Explain the three types of pretrial identification procedures. How do they differ from one another?

5. What are some methods of reducing the suggestiveness of a lineup?

6. What is an in-court showup?

7. What does a constitutionally valid photographic array look like?