IT Audit

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Write a two-page paper of 500 words summarizing the key points in the following article about reviewing an IT audit using APA format (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt, one-inch margins, 2 pages exclusive of title and reference pages).
Describe your findings regarding the points in the article. Use supplemental references to support your summarization of the integral points.
Include a separate page for the title and a separate page for references – no abstract. You should use APA style for references used, in-text citations, and headers. For a refresher on APA style visit the following URL: [keywords: Purdue University, Online Writing Lab, APA]
Singleton, T. (2013). Auditing the IT auditors. ISACA Journal.2013 (3). 1-5. Retrieved from: [keywords: ISACA, Auditing the IT Auditors, Tommie Singleton]