IT, Web

IT, Web

Paper details:
1.Assume you are on a web page and just clicked one of its links to take you to another web site like or Describe what happened from click to viewing in terms of URLs, DNS, browsers, protocols, and Internet-related activities. State your assumptions for the things that you cannot know, but about which you should be able to provide reasonable context. ( like where the server with the web site is located).

2.There are many different views on global warming and what, if anything, we should be doing about it. Some think it is not a problem at all, while others are getting panicked and call for immediate government action around the world. I don’t need to know what conclusion you may come to on this topic. What is important is that you can search and find “good” information, and recognize “bad” information on the topic using internet tools. Use a variety of sources on the internet, and locate the MOST authoritative evidence you can find to support EACH side of the debate. Then find the most “irrelevant” sources of information for each side as well.

You should end up with four sources ( two “good’ sources and two “bad” ones). For each source, provide the following:

a formal citation in APA or MLA format
a brief statement of how you found it
what evidence you used to decide that it was ( or was not) a source you should use for forming your own opinion, or for presenting in an academic term paper.

3.Congratulations, you are a parent! Condolences, (s)he is already a teenager! And (s)he’s asking for his/her own PC and smart phone like everyone else in school — assuming you believe that 🙂 You’ve decided that this is a wish you will grant. The wrapping paper is off and excitement is high! You have only a short time (teenage attention spans are short) to explain the most important “house rules” about general safety, protecting homework files and using his/her prepaid debit card (used for spending money).

What are the three most important points of knowledge/house rules you want to impress on your kid, and how might you enforce or at least monitor compliance? Why are these the most important points you want to get across?

Answer these 3 question