italy Informal Proposal

italy Informal Proposal

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Part 2: Individual Informal Proposal
As the owner of a small consulting firm, you recently received an RFP from the World Hotel Group. This hotel is increasing the number of hotels the company operates in the country your team chose for part 1 of the project. One problem area World Hotel Group has encountered in its expansion plans is finding and retaining qualified staff that is comfortable and familiar with the culture of your chosen country. Ideally, all the hotel staff will have some knowledge and comfort with the culture. Since your firm specializes in training programs for the high-end hotel industry, you’ve been asked to prepare a proposal outlining a one-week course in culture and communication that your firm would offer to hotel employees beginning on May 18 of next year.
The goal is that a crash course in communication will provide essential skills to help the staff better care for guests in that country. The RFP requests a 20-hour training program for up to 50 employees. You’ve been asked to prepare the proposal for Mary Mason. She is the director of human resources for World Hotel Group. Make sure you include each required section of a proposal in your paper as a separate section. (You will have to use your imagination for some of the details.) Hint: Don’t use the same subheadings – survey/analysis/report – as in the text example. Instead use culture-related subheadings to outline some of the important elements of your training.
The following textbook sections will help you as you complete this proposal:
? Pages 278-283 relating to Informal Proposals from Chapter 10
? Figure 10.1 on pages 280-281
Part 2 of the final project is worth 50 points and will be graded on the following:
? Proposal format: All formatting follows appropriate business letter proposal style.
? Proposal content: All required sections of the proposal are included and fully developed, such as the Background and Goals, Proposed Plan, Staffing, etc. (This proposal should be 1 ½ to 2 pages in length.)
? Persuasive elements: The proposal includes the information necessary to persuade your audience to accept your proposal. (Gains attention, builds interest by focusing on reader benefits, uses facts/data to reinforce ideas, requests action)
? Organization, mechanics and language: Spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct, ideas are presented in a clear and concise manner, and an appropriate business writing


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