Job’s three radical ideas about his suffering and the character of God

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1.Job’s three radical ideas about his suffering and the character of God

Discuss Job’s three radical ideas about his suffering and the character of God, and God’s struggle

2.customs techiques

1) How does CSA break a lot of traditional Customs rules?
2) What is the correct D-memo series for the following topics:
Courier LVS
Temporary Importations

3) Under CSA only three (3) data requirements are needed to obtain shipment clearance at the border. What are they?
4) You must know and understand the CSA program.
5) What does the acronym CSA stand for?
6) What does the acronym ACI stand for?
7) What does the acronym AMPS stand for?
8) What kind of shipments does the program known as ACI used for?
9) What does the acronym LVS stand for?
10) What does the acronym CIRO stand for?
11) What is the value limitation for an LVS-CIRO?
12) What are the value limitations for a Courier LVS?
13) The Customs commercial release system is known as ACROSS (Accelerated Commercial Release Operations Support System). It is not a release option. It was devised and implemented based on what
three demands. What were they?
14) Explain what ‘machine release’ is.
15) What percentage of shipments coming through Customs are currently being ‘machine released’?
16) Please list the six (6) risk factors that the ‘machine release system’ evaluates:
17) What are the two (2) types of cargo shortages?
18) When a shortage is declared Customs demands acceptable evidence of the shortage. Usually an Importer’s Statement of the shortage is not enough proof. What does Customs want and from whom,
in these situations?
19) There are approximately thirty (30) separate AMPS infractions associated with carriers. In class, in your note, we highlighted eleven (11) of these. Two of which included CSA Carrier
Penalties Without listing the penalty number or the penalty rate, please list these by name (as in your note)
20) What is the number of the form used for postal shipments valued at between $20 and $2500?
21) One type of warehouse regulated by Customs in Canada is a Queens Warehouse. What are the remaining three?
22) What is the purpose of a Queens Warehouse?
23) On what date are Operating Licences renewed each year for these warehouses?
24) What is the maximum time frame that goods can be stored in a Bonded Warehouse?
25) When goods are entered into a Bonded Warehouse it’s done on a B3 called a “for warehouse entry”. What type of B3 is used?
26) When goods are removed from a Bonded Warehouse it’s done on what type of B3? And, what is this action called?
27) D11-3-1 is the Directive Memorandum that assists Customs personnel with information pertaining to the “Marking of Goods”. Schedule One is the Marking of Imported Goods Order and it lists
six (6) categories of goods which require marking. What are they? *(Note 19)
28) List all the examples of “Non-NAFTA Exceptions” to the ‘marking of goods regulations’: *(Note 19)
29) Study your Postal Importation information.
30) Make sure you study the PIP and PAPS programs
31) What are all the exceptions to using EDI in the Customs commercial mode?