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I chose the 4 page/1100 words selection but if you could keep it between 900-1000 that would be great. Choose one of the following prompts: 1. Select one of the following works and discuss the impact that history and politics had on its creation. Benjamin Britten, War Requiem, Op. 66, Requiem aeternam, p. 172 Dmitri Shostakovich, String Quartet No. 8, Op. 110, Movement 3, p. 194 2. Contrast the approach of live performance with electronics in these two works. Mario Davidovsky, Synchonisms No. 6 (Excerpt) Kaija Saariaho, Noa Noa 3. Choose one or two of the following works and compare the compositional and/or aesthetic approaches. You can discuss the place of the work in history, the effects of WWII or the Cold War on the composer, new compositional methods, or new listening and performance practices. Pierre Boulez, Le Marteau sans maître, Movement 5, Bel édifice et les presentiments, p. 207 György Ligeti, Continuum, p. 246 Elliot Carter, String Quartet No. 5, Introduction, Giocoso, Interlude I, Lento espressivo, p. 255 George Crumb, Vox balaenae, Vocalise (. . .for the beginning of time), p. 270 Chen Yi, Ba Ban, p. 274 Steve Reich, Violin Phase (excerpt), p. 289 John Adams, Doctor Atomic, Act 1, Scene 3, Batter my heart, p. 295 Short Listening Paper Guidelines: Topic: Choose one of the three prompts given above. Intro, Conclusion, Thesis: Because of the length of this assignment, please include a short introduction and conclusion. You must have a thesis statement. I will not accept notes or bullet points on the selected topics. Grammar and spelling: Sloppy grammar, mechanics, and spelling will hurt your grade. Consult The Elements of Style (by Strunk & White) and Diana Hacker’s A Pocket Manual of Style (currently in its 8th ed.) for help on good writing practices. Page and text formatting: One inch margins, 12-point font (Times New Roman, Garamond, Arial, Helvetica—all good), double-line spacing, left-justified text, page numbering. Word Length: 900-1000 words. Citations: To correctly cite material, follow the guidelines set forth by The Chicago Manual of Style. A hardcover copy of the book can be found at Hodges Library. Or refer to the website: https://libguides.utk.edu/style Submission: Please submit your papers in hardcopy form, stapled, in class on the due date. Emailed papers, papers in my mailbox, or shoved under my office door will not be accepted