Justice, Virtue and the Good

Minor Essay plan
• Exegesis is the interpretation or explanation of texts. It is essentially a fancy term for what we do in this course every time we look at a quote and discuss what the author was try to say
• The minor essay will require you to present an exegesis of a passage of text written by one of the major thinker we are looking at in this course. Like in any other essay, you will formulate an argument for your interpretation of the text and defend it with reference to primary and secondary sources
• Essentially, your task is to bring out the meaning of your chosen text. What is your thinker really trying to say? You want to try and get as close to the truth as possible
• Assignment due on the 23RD of April

First step: Choose a text
• Find the rest of the primary source your piece of text was from
• Keep an eye out for other discussion of the key ideas you took from your text
• In your essay you will refer to the places in your primary source to defend your interpretation of your text
• Does your thinker make additional comments on the key ideas elsewhere that bolster your understanding of the text?
• Are there any points where they contradict your understanding of the text?
• ** the strength of your essay will lie on how well you can use this primary evidence to support your interpretation
things to consider while reading
• what inspired them to write? Are they responding to events that are happening at the time?
• What are their political views? Religious views?
• What other thinkers do they admire? Who do they criticise?
• Do they use terms that have shifted in meaning since the time they were writing?
• Opinion changes?
• Do any of your sources make a particularly strong argument that stands out to you?
A good way to find sources is to mine references. Look at the footnotes and bibliography of your generalist secondary sources to find more sources.
After that, you have already looked at the content, now think about the language and the logical structure, are there any terms you need to define? Words that are used with a different meaning to how they would today?