Justifying Stalin’s “Great Turn″




Analyze “The Great Turn.”
In preparation for the drafting and writing of this paper, read the following primary sources:
• A Year of Great Changes by Iosif Stalin, November 7, 1929
• Problems of Agrarian Policy in the USSR by Iosif Stalin, December 27, 1929
Examine the above documents, taken from speeches given by Iosif Stalin shortly after his ascension to power.
In what terms, and on what grounds, does he justify his abandonment of NEP in favor of policies like the First Five-Year Plan and the collectivization of
Use additional resources to support your conclusions as necessary. Address the following critical elements for this task:
 Communicate a clear thesis statement regarding Stalin’s political practice of statism.
 Define “statism” under Stalin’s leadership, and evaluate Stalin’s justification for abandoning Russia’s New Economic Policy (NEP) in favor of statism.
 Define and analyze the impact of Stalin’s First Five-Year Plan.
 Evaluate Stalin’s justification for the collectivization of agriculture.
 Analyze the impact of Stalin’s statism on the history of Russia