Karl Marx

While Karl Marx was largely focused on Europe and even showed reservations toward the less developed world and even dismissed much of it, this was not the case of Vladimir Lenin. Lenin, after all, managed to do what Marx had not done, i.e., establish a nation.
The readings/reference provide an introduction to the tenets of Marxism and Marxism-Leninism, philosophies that are allegedly scientifically based and meant to serve as the basis to justify and to inform social revolution.
The latter readings/reference by Frantz Fanon, who coined the term “Third World,” were affected by Lenin’s characterization of imperialism and yet it was Fanon’s hope that the Third World would indeed opt for a “Third Way.”


1. How has a past colonial experience or tributary experience impacted the region that you are studying? Give one or two concrete examples. – 1 page + its Reference
2. Submit a one to two page summary/reflection of the assigned reading – 1 page + its Reference