Kickstarter case



Please read the Kickstarter case that I will upload and then answer this question in one page: How might the external environment affect
Kickstarter’s entrepreneurial strategy? In the essay you should include information about the general environment and Porter’s Five forces,
I will upload chapter 2 slides in case you need them for that purpose. Please include your thoughts while answering the question.

Please find the following false advertising United States Supreme Court case on LexisNexis: POM Wonderful v. Coca Cola Co., and answer the
following prompts:1. What were the two federal laws upon which this case’s outcome hinged?2. What about Coca Cola’s labeling of its product did POM Wonderful claim violated federal food labeling laws? With whom did the US
Supreme Court side in the outcome of the case?3. What was the “complimentary” federal statute dispute that was addressed in this case (hint: look at Headnotes #6-8)?4. What was the court case that the Supreme Court cited to rule on the dispute of complimentary federal statutes?5. Copy and paste Headnote #5. Now explain what Headnote #5 means in your own words.