Lab 5

Lab 5
Late Nite Labs: Mole-to-Mole Relationship and Empirical Formula of a Hydrate
Introduction: Connecting Your Learning
This lab will consist of two parts. The first lab is an experiment in which you will carry out a single-replacement reaction between metallic copper atoms (Cu) and an aqueous solution of silver nitrate (AgNO3). This reaction will take place in solution and will produce copper ions in solution and metallic silver atoms. Your objective for the experiment is to determine the molar ratio between silver and copper in the reaction. The second lab is an experiment in which you will determine the mass percent of water in a hydrate by heating a sample of the hydrate to remove the water and then comparing the mass of the sample before and after heating. You will then be able to determine the formula of the hydrated salt.
Readings, Resources, and Assignments
Multimedia Resources www.latenitelabs.comRequired Assignments Lab 5 (100 points)
Materials (Lab Kit) None
Materials (Student Supplied) None
Focusing Your Learning
Lesson Objectives
By the end of this lesson, you should be able to:
1. Write and balance chemical equations.
2. Predict the type of reactions.
3. Interpret the meaning of an equation.
4. Determine formula weights and molar mass.
5. Convert quantities between grams moles particles using the appropriate set up and conversion factors.
6. Determine the empirical formula and molecular formula given appropriate data.
7. Solve Stoichiometry problems.
1. Go to
2. Click on the “Mole-to-Mole Relationship between Cu and Ag” lab link and complete the lab.
3. Click on the “Empirical Formula of a Hydrate” lab link and complete the lab.
You will not be submitting any parts of this lab via the website. You will still complete a full lab report and submit it via email to your instructor (see below).
Assessing Your Learning
Now that your lab is completed, it is time to put the information into a complete lab report. The guidelines described in Lab 2 are linked for you to reference in making your lab report.Below are the discussion questions that you must complete for your report.

Discussion Questions:
• These are listed on the “Assignment” tab on the web site.
Refer to the Laboratory Report grading rubric prior to submitting the report.

Your instructor will use the following guidelines to score your lab report:
I. Introductory Information: Heading, title, purpose, materials and procedures (20 points)
II. Data, Calculations and Results (25 points)
III. Conclusions and Critical Thinking (25 points)
IV. Organization (20 points)
V. Use of Accurate Scientific Terminology and References (10 points)

Important information: Please follow the procedure below in the completion of your assignments.
Compose your responses to the questions in a word processing program. Run spell check. Review your work to make sure that you have completely answered all questions.
To upload your Lab from this assessment you must first click on the “Browse” button. Now click on the “Browse” button once the File upload window pops up. There should now be another pop up window, which will allow you to choose the location of the file you’re uploading. Select your file and then press “Open”. You will now be taken back to the File upload window; once here click on the “Submit” button and then click on the “Close” button. Once you’re back to your assessment window you can submit your assessment.
When you have finished, you will need to close the browser window to return to your course.
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