Language in Action PartB TMA02

Language in Action PartB TMA02
Part B: word count 1,500 words

Watch the video recording, DVD 2 Additional material, EAP CLASS, UK: presentations, from 1:02 to 4:01 on the timer, which features two students, Echi and Leona, discussing a presentation that Leona is preparing to give to the class (a basic transcript is provided below). Using your linguistic descriptive skills (including phonemic transcription where appropriate) and the concepts you have learned from Part 2 of the module, answer the following questions concerning English language usage as captured in the transcript and recording:
a.To what extent is the transcribed conversation characteristic of a spoken, rather than a written text? In your answer, you should comment on specific linguistic features.
b.Focusing on Leona’s speech only, discuss which features of her English you would prioritise in helping her to maximise the intelligibility of her presentation, making clear which approach you would take to intelligibility and why.

For each question discuss how your use of linguistic description enabled identification, as well as understanding of, relevant features. You need to go beyond mere description and ensure that you use concepts from Part 2 of the module to inform your arguments.

The word length for this TMA is 1500 words, which you are advised to allocate evenly between (a) and (b). To avoid exceeding this limit, you should focus on the most significant features rather than trying to cover every detail. Remember to include a word count (excluding appendices and list of references).