Language program design and evaluation

Language program design and evaluation
Order Description
Purpose: Investigating the incorporation of Language Teaching material design Principles (you will find these principles in Nation and Macalister book ”Language Curriculum Design” chapter 4 in an EFL Saudi Textbook ( I will send the text book
Tool: Content Analysis
1. Select a textbook
2. Take a LT material principle or more
3. Analyze the activities, texts, Vocabulary, structures…etc
You need to follow the steps below:
1. Define your criteria of analysis. In other words, how you will categorize the activities. For example, you may decide to analyze the activities in light of their enhancing the learners’ strategic learning and autonomy. This entails that you define these activities in light of the principle.
2. Identify the unit of analysis. In the previous example, the unit of analysis is the activity. You may narrow the unit of the material to be analyzed is long. So you may analyze only activities of one skill.
3. Count the total number of activities then count the number of activities that go with the principle (in the previous example, the activities that promote strategic and autonomous learning).
4. Simply, calculate the percentages, draw inferences, discuss your findings and remember to clearly give examples whenever you discuss a finding).
Another procedure might be following the checklist procedure in which you decide to evaluate parts of the material using a checklist. A good example is Miekley’s well-known checklist (See the attachment). Take a domain from or more from the checklist. Fill in the checklist, calculate the averages, draw conclusions then discuss your findings and remember to give examples.