1. a. Set the margins at 1 inch on all sides b. Create a heading; Center the title of your paper at the top of the page, Computer Assessment Assignment. c. create a subheading: Bold Reliable Sources
  2. For the first section of your documents: research the question: How do you evaluate Internet sites to ensure that you are obtaining reliable sources of information regarding your topic? a. gather information about your topic, on an internet search engine, type in “Finding Reliable Internet Sources” and compare two articles/sources about finding reliable resources. b. You will describe how to conform reliable sources c. Write a one page report on how to choose reputable Internet sources 3. Write a summary of your chosen topic a. Using the articles you sourced from the internet research in step 2, type a paragraph (abstract of 200 words about your chosen topic.
  3. Create a powerpoint presentation with a Title slide and three slides of information related to your topic with bulleted key points and with an illustration/picture on each slide. create a reference slide that lists all your references used