Laser/Light Applications in General Surgery

Summarize in up to ONE page the specific application. This description should include: Background information on the therapy/surgery for a naive reader Advantages/drawbacks of using lasers Other relevant information This summarized description is worth up to 3 marks (of the 10) Identify SEVEN concepts involved from lasers and/or optical fibres. Explain the concept and why it is important for the application, and then quote its (numerical) value. Examples include: Laser gain medium, e.g. Nd:YAG. Ar-ion, etc. Light wavelength, e.g. 193 nm Laser power (average, maximum), e.g. 10 mW Laser intensity, e.g. 100 W/cm^2 Laser fluency, e.g. 100 J/cm^2 Mode of operation: CW or pulsed Time of exposure/pulse, e.g. 10 ns Fibre material, e.g. silica Core index of refraction, critical angle Cladding, numerical aperture Acceptance/confinement angle Any other that is relevant for the application. including: TRT, penetration depth, number of modes, etc. Each concept correctly identified is worth 1 mark (up to 7 of the 10)