1. Find information on an Limited Liability Company, or a Corporation through the Ohio Secretary of State website:
• date of incorporation?
• names of incorporators?
• address of statutory agent?
• any UCC filings?

2. Describe what documents need to be prepared and filed with the Ohio Secretary of State to:
• incorporate a business
• establish an LLC

3. Describe what documents does a bank need to review to lend money and what documents a bank would require to be signed for a loan?

4. Does the Corporation or LLC:
• have and patents, copyrights?
• filed bankruptcy?
• been sued? pending lawsuits?
• have any liens against it?
• own real estate?
• if they lease, who owns the building?

5. What state, local and federal permits are required for a business?

6. What is the current state of regulation of bitcoins?