What area of leadership does this person best demonstrate? I have already figured out that he best demonstrates transformational theory.

What models or theories could help to describe or explain his approach to leadership in his sport – you should evaluate approximately 2-3 theoretical leadership models or theorists and provide an analysis of them.

You could use the following theorists/ or identify your own:
1.    Stodgill -Trait
2.    Zaccaro – Trait                ,
3.    Hill’s Model for Team Leadership
4.    Kouzes& Posner(Transformational)
5.    Hersey & Blanchard (Situational)
6.    House & Mitchell (Transformational)
7.    Bass (Transformational)
8.    Conger &Kanungo  (Transformational)
9.    Greenleaf (Servant)
10.    Book, E.W , 2000 (Female)
11.    Eagly& Carly,2003 (Female)
12.    Hoyt, 2010 (Female)
As motivation is an essential part of becoming an Olympian and Leader you can use Motivational Theorists as well to support your evaluation
e.g. McGregor/ Adams/ George/ Vroom/ McClelland

Also consider – what can business learn from them?